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TECHNO provides comprehensive fire fighting solutions in compliance with local civil defense authorities and NFPA codes. Our services include hydraulic calculations, design and shop drawings, supply and installation, testing and commissioning, preventive maintenance, and handover to local authorities (Civil Defense) for the following scope of works:

•Sprinkler Systems (Water & Foam)
•Firehose network
•Fire Hydrant System
•Fire extinguishers
•Fire Pumps
•Gas Extinguishing Systems (FM200, NOVEC, CO2 etc.)
•Fire Curtains and Stoppers
•Fire & Gas Detection Systems
•Addressable and conventional Fire Alarm systems.
•Sniffing fire alarm system.
•Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems
•Oxygen Reduction Systems (ORS)
•Smoke Control System
•Dry Risers/Wet Risers