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TEHCNO provides practical value engineering options to minimize the project budget. We ensure the highest quality project at the lowest possible cost.

Our specialized team helps clients understand whole life outputs, to achieve best value in the long-term. Our value engineering identifies signs of the over-engineered system, and other high-value areas to save you money.
We help clients appreciate how a detailed understanding of whole life can inform decision-making that involves more than the consideration of capital budgets. Our value engineering support also helps eliminate any unnecessary costs.
Value engineering is used to solve problems and identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality. The aim is to increase the value and performance at the lowest possible cost.
We consider the availability of materials, construction methods, transportation issues, site limitations or restrictions, planning and organization, costs, profits. Benefits that can be delivered include a reduction in life cycle costs, improvement in quality, reduction of environmental impacts.

Our value engineering solutions involves:
•Identifying the main elements of a project.
•Analyzing the functions of those elements.
•Developing alternative solutions for delivering those functions.
•Assessing the alternative solutions.
•Allocating costs to the alternative solutions.
•Developing in more detail the alternatives with the highest likelihood of success.
•Taking a wider view of the project and looking at the selection of materials, plant, equipment and processes to see if a more cost-effective solution exists that will achieve the same project objectives.
•Balancing initial cost and running cost to the benefit of the client and end user.